Athletics are an important part of any school or community, because they offer kids the chance to learn a game, exercise, and to work as a team. This would not be possible without fundraising. Individual players' registration fees would be very expensive if they had to cover all the costs of team uniforms, equipment, travel, and tournament fees. For a team or for the whole, a Sister Soups & Dry Mixes fundraiser will provide a unique product that will be a welcome change for potential supporters. People will be knocking on your door for your product rather than running the other direction trying to avoid the purposeless product most fundraisers offer!

With no upfront costs, we offer a profitable, easy and risk free fundraising program. Whether you are new to fundraising or are an experienced veteran, our expert staff will work with you to ensure the success of your program.

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Fundraising for Athletic Projects  - earn up to 50% profit!