Our local elementary (kindergarten through 4th grade) sold Sister Soups and Dry Mixes for 2 weeks and we made THOUSANDS of dollars for our school!  This was the easiest fundraiser we have done.  Sister Soups provided everything...order forms and envelopes to keep the money in as the children sold the mixes.  This is a great fundraiser because it is actually something people will use...all of the mixes that I have tried were great!  We set up taste testers for our teachers and had the product at our FALL FEST!  The
mixes sell themselves.  We will DEFINETLY do this fundraiser again!  Thank You Sister Soups!!!
I heard lots of parents comment that they liked that this fundraiser was
from a local business, too! 

Dabney Whatley

Everything has gone exceptionally well with the fundraiser.  We chose to do this again this year because it was so simple and convenient last year.  Sister Soups is very accommodating. Our organization likes this fundraiser because it is so easy for us to do.  We distribute the soups among the members, each one pays for the number of bags they take, and our group has its profit automatically.  The members can keep the soups, give them as gifts, or sell them - whatever they prefer.  Thank you so much for all of your help, and for making fundraising so easy!

Susan Cooper
Bolivar Thursday Musicale

Sister Soups is instrumental in our fundraising success.  Our group is able to order product in advance to have on hand to sell throughout the year.  And The Sister Soups product has a wonderful reputation that people are more than willing to purchase.  Purchasers get extremely excited when they find out that they can purchase a reliable product and help a great cause at the same time.  Sister Soups is a fundraiser we will use for years to come!

AngIe Rinker
ACS--Relay For Life

Kraus Middle School Parent Teacher Organization loves the Sister Soups fundraiser.  Of the many money raising options that are available, it is difficult to find a product that everyone can use.  This 2008-09 school year is the second consecutive year that we have sold Sister Soups products and our sales topped last year.  This is a fundraiser that our community of Clarksville is beginning to look forward to.  Thanks Sister Soups for creating such a wonderful line of products and giving organizations like ours a way to raise money that helps to promote better education.

Barbara Lovell
KMS PTO President

The Sister Soups & Dry Mix products make a very easy and pleasant fundraiser to conduct.  Because the products are well-liked, customers are eager to purchase the next time they're sold.  Both the soups and dip mixes are versatile and can be used in a variety of meal themes (soups, gravies,
spreads, dips) and occasions (parties, family dinners, picnics).  In addition, the ingredients needed to add to the mixes are common ones normally on hand in the kitchen.  I have sponsored this fundraiser three times and plan to do so again in the near future.  The products are reliably good and the "sisters" are pleasant to work with.  Keep up the good work,

Lori Phillips
Strafford Schools

We have used Sister Soups as a fundraiser for over two years now with a lot of success for our youth group! The products practically sell themselves.  Everyone we sell to remembers the soups and dips the next time because they taste great, causing our supporters to continue to buy them.  The products are also very affordable, and the soups can feed and fill an entire family!  
~Amy Sampson
Monett High School
English IV and AP Literature Teacher
8th Grade Girls' Basketball Coach