Sister Soups and Dry Mixes llc Fundraising

Finally! A fundraiser that does the job!
Tired of trying to raise money with those time-consuming fundraisers that never seem to draw the profit? Looking for a fundraiser where the people are knocking on your door for your product rather than running the other direction trying to avoid the purposeless product most fundraisers offer? 

Sister Soups and Dry Mixes llc is a well known blend of spices that have been advertised throughout southern Missouri, northern Arkansas and the surrounding areas for the past 10 years.. People know and love our products and keep coming back for more.. You never can have too much consumable products that people crave!  Our spices are that of a family home recipe created in the growing town of Ozark, Missouri by the sisters themselves!   

Our product is great for any type of fundraiser: Examples: Church Functions & SocialsSenior Graduation & Prom Projects, Craft Shows, Festivals, Athletic ProjectsBoostersSchool Clubs, Jaycees, etc.

With one type of fundraising plan that has no upfront costs we offer a profitable, easy and risk-free fundraising program. Whether you are new to fundraising or are an experienced veteran, our staff will work with you to make certain your program is successful! 

We provide free brochures featuring our line of products. Group members use the brochures to sell the products in advance.  At the end of your fundraising period, you retrieve all the brochure order forms and the money collected from all your fundraising participants. Then you simply place a bulk order for all the items sold. You use part of the collected money to pay for the soups & dip mixes you are ordering – no need for your group to have money up front before starting your fundraiser. After paying for the soup & dip mixes, the rest of the money is profit for your group.  You know immediately what your profit is and that money is instantly available!

Your group can make a 50% profit with a
Sister Soups fundraiser!!!

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