Thank you for your interest in our wholesale program. I want to introduce you to one of the newest organization that has proven successful with satisfied and repeating customers. This is our sixth year doing wholesale and it is working remarkably for the businesses. A good example of some of the businesses we work with are cafes, markets, craft stores, and even small local gas stations. Our wholesale program is easy and risk-free and here’s how it works:   

Wholesale pricing is built on tier pricing, in efforts to accommodate large and smaller business. Please  email or call for more information.   Your business then has the opportunity to choose retail rates to sell the product  i.e;  by the bag, cup, or bowl.  

There is a minimum for an order and it goes at follows; 50 pieces, 75, or 100. Each group has a different price bracket. Once we have the soup order in hand, we like to have two weeks to get the soups prepared and ready for pickup or delivery.   

For more information please contact:     

(417) 723-0201